Welcome to Doctor X.  Doctor X is a 63 year old former British academic who swam in the unruly sea of academia for over 20 years before he saw the light.  Actually he was shown the light by his former bastarding employers but it was he who chose to switch the light on in his life. Doctor X took voluntary redundancy and has never looked back or regretted one moment of his new adventure. It might be a cliche but it was the best thing that has ever happened to him.

Over the next five years in China Doctor X, who to be honest is getting on in years, and might be expecting to settle down in a comfy armchair, in his fluffy slippers, sipping a nice whisky, whilst reading the Guardian newspaper, had many adventures of the travelling and the sexy full on porn star kind.

This blog is an introduction to those adventures to whet your appetite for the memoir that will shortly be out on kindle. Doctor X will be showing many of the eleventy billion photographs that he could not put in said book.

So please follow Doctor x on his journey in China – follow this blog – follow him on twitter @doctorxinchina and go to the Facebook page for more information. (not published yet)

The link to the China memoir on kindle and other e-book readers will be here soon.